Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rihanna Shines On New Single "Diamonds" [Review]

Ever since Rihanna entered the realm of the pop world, she has successfully managed to reinvent herself, musically and image-wise. Although her critics beg to differ and point out that Rihanna's image overshadow's her music and voice, nobody can deny Rihanna's knack for cranking out great pop songs. When she wants to, she can churn out a good pop song that sounds fresh ("Umbrella", "Rude Boy", "What's My Name") or a generic tune ("Where Have You Been", "Only Girl (In The World)", "We Found Love"), which undoubtedly still sounds better than most songs mutating the charts. 

When she was not giving you camaraderie and frienship on "Umbrella", Rihanna threw you shades of Illuminati princess on "Russian Roulette" and 80's hopeless romantic-meets-dance on "We Found Love". Now, the Princess of the Billboard Hot 100 has decided to leave the "nah nah nah's" back in Ester Dean's pocketbook and hired Sia to write lyrics which has substance (excuse the pun) and Stargate and Benny Blanco for production duties. 

"Diamonds" is Rihanna shining during her finest moment, buttering her haunting tone with Sia's enunciation. Interesting enough, Rihanna displays a vocal growth that many expected her not to have, especially when she prepares herself to lower her vulnerability closer to the song's chorus, "So shine bright, tonight you and I". It's almost as if she helplessly convinces her partner that they're a match made in heaven, just like this song is to our ears.

Shockingly enough, the lyrical maturity and melody seems to be the true star of the song. Rihanna has opted to focus on a theme that's able to brighten us, or leave us feeling like a diamond in the rough. This song was clearly written by Sia and will become one of her biggest written singles to date.

Prepare to roll up one, sit back, and watch Rihanna continue her reign as Billboard's Princess of the Billboard Hot 100.

Rating: 4 shiny diamond blunts