Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lady Gaga unveils “Born This Way” cover and goes Biblical for “Judas"

Source: Rap Up
Lady Gaga turns into a motorcycle for her new album cover for “Born This Way”, which will be released May 23. I actually think I like this cover. It’s completely random and different than what we thought Gaga would do.
Not only has the cover been revealed but the second single “Judas” was released. While it may be better than “Born This Way” it still does not represent this “greatest album of the decade” that Gaga spoke about. I do think I’ll start loving the song after a few listens, but it sounds a bit overproduced. At least Kanye could accumulate great tracks together.
Lady Gaga is talented but when she says these things and does all of these things for attention, then people’s attention stay focused on what her next antics will be and forget about her talents. I'll probably do a review of the song once I listen to it properly, but for now listen to her new single while I wait for delusional Gaga stans to spam my Twitter and blogsite.

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