Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rita Ora Premieres The Tinie Tempah-Assisted "R.I.P."

Rita Ora is really creating a buzz for herself. After getting the opportunity to premier her amazing single “How We Do (Party)” on Z100, Rita is prepping to rule the UK charts with her new Tinie Tempah-assisted single “R.I.P.”.

Written by Drake and produced by Stargate and Chase & Status, the track finds Rita confessing that she’s a changed girl and that she’s pursuing the guy of her dreams.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review: Madonna Premieres "Girl Gone Bad"

Madonna still thinks she’s 23 y’all! By the looks of things, 'MDNA' seems like it’s going to be one of her most uninspired records to date. We all know that “Give Me All Your Luvin’” was record to connect with the younger audience, who saw right through Madonna and refused to support the rather “reductive” track.

Now she’s taking inspiration, or blatantly ripping off her own sound from her ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’ album with her new single. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you “Girl Gone Wild”.

John Mayer Premieres "Shadow Days"

John Mayer - Shadow Days single
John Mayer is back! After almost two years of absolutely no music, John finally makes his grand return to the music scene. The new single “Shadow Days” premiered a few days ago – and boy is it good!

The thing I loved about John’s previous album, “Battle Studies”, was that it leaned a bit more to the acoustic-country sound. The thing is you could hear that it was not his best album and we were let with a one-dimensional sounding album.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Is The Pop World Ready For A Zac Efron And Taylor Swift Duet?

Zac Efron Taylor Swift The Ellen DeGeneres Show February 2012 Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks
Is the king of Disney and fairly new Queen of Country finally featuring on a duet? During an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax co-stars Taylor Swift and Zac Efron took over Ellen’s show to show off Zac’s new magical musicianship nobody knew he had. Who knew that Taylor taught him how to play guitar while they were busy working on the animated film together? They busted a rendition of their practice song, “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People, although they altered the lyrics to “every single time I come on the show it’s really weird, really weird, all because of Ellen”.

Single Review: Rita Ora - "Party and Bullsh*t"

In the “glamorous” world called the music industry, every artist is expected to be developed by a record label. A distinctive sound is supposed to be created to help us distinguish between the plenteous artists that pollute radio stations. Once an image and sound is produced, the expectancy from record executives is that an abundance of money will be brought in.

Sometimes it takes more than just talent to make it big (something R&B fans cannot comprehend). Sometimes the public wants someone with a distinctive voice, whether it is weak or lacking in range is not their concern, which is able to keep their attention for a duration of time exceeding those of teeny bop fans. Sometimes we just want a star. No matter how distinctive your voice is, the public will always compare you to other artists. In this case, we introduce you to Rita Ora.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Kelly Clarkson Is Ready To Release "Dark Side" As Third Single

God has answered my prayers! I never doubted for a second that this song would smash!

According to The Prophet Blog, Kelly Clarkson confirmed during an interview with Z100 that the flawlessness that is “Dark Side” is likely to be the third single from Kelly’s Gold-certified album “Stronger”.

Adam Lambert Discusses Queen, "Trespassing", And Song Writing Process In Idolator Interview

adam lambert interview
My favourite male American Idol star Adam Lambert’s debut album, “For Your Entertainment”, was one of the best albums of 2009 – a fury of classical pop tunes dramatized by Broadway sounds and soaring vocals. It’s no wonder that he may surpass the success of “For Your Entertainment” on his upcoming sophomore album “Trespassing” – well, according to Idolator that is.

Odd Future Premiere "Rella"

I never was a huge fan of Odd Future. I’ve always seen them as wannabe rappers boosting their egos with the help of reductive shock factors. However, I won’t deny that I’m wiling to give them a chance since Frank Ocean showed me the light with his “Nostalgia, Ultra” mixtape.

We find them returning with their new compilation, "OF Tape Vol. 2", on March 20 via Odd Future Records. You have to respect their hustle. They’re mostly in their early 20’s, yet they’ve already created their own record label, giving them creative control over almost every aspect of their careers. They display that level of creativity in their latest video for the single “Rella”, available on iTunes, or packaged within a Tyler-directed music video.

Listen To Album Snippets Of 'WZRD' By Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius

It seems that Kid Cudi fans will be pleased to know that Dot Da Genius and him have generously offered a sneak-peak of their forthcoming album, "WZRD", in the form a 30-seconds each.

Thanks to previous leaks, “Brake” and “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie”, we can sum up that their sonically dark sound will be present on this album, with cinematic, riff-heavy, hip-hop influenced production.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Katy Perry's "Part Of Me" Expected To Debut at No. 1 On Billboard Hot 100

It looks like Katy Perry is about to have the last laugh! After strategizing and utterly failing to get her single “The One That Got Away” to become her sixth No. 1 single off ‘Teenage Dream’, Katy might surprise her naysayers before the end of this week.

According to Billboard, Katy Perry’s latest female anthem “Part Of Me” is projected to shift at least 400,000 copies in its first week sales, already debuting No. 22 on Mediabase’s Top Forty Airplay chart, despite officially being sent for adds today. This makes “Part Of Me” is looking at a “potential No. 1 debut” and making Katy’s success even more bitter sweet!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Jojo Releases "Sexy To Me" Artwork

Jojo is back! After the demo leaked, Jojo decided to rewrite her track “Sexy To Me” and is planning to release it as the next single!

Produced by the unstoppable Danja, the now fresh-as-ever track will see a February 28 release on iTunes. The sexy urban-pop jam appears on Clearasil’s commercial for their new product 'PerfectaWash', meaning Jojo’s reign will be so much clearer once this song gets immense recognition.

Natalia Kills Premieres "Lights Out" (Featuring Fast East Movement)

Is Natalia Kills ready to take her second shot at super stardom with her new buzz single “Lights Out”? By collaborating with radio fodder artists Fast East Movement, do you really expect a response from me?

Produced by Junior Caldera, “Lights Out” will be the first “buzz” single before the release of Natalia Kills’ sophomore album ‘Welcome to Debauchery’, scheduled for a summer release. Basically, if this single flops then we’ll be treated to the real first single! 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cassie Readies Second Single "Money On Love"

The beauty that is Cassie is coming for wigs!  She’s already slayed us with the release of her critically-acclaimed single “King Of Hearts” and now she’s ready to leave a bigger impact with her second single!

Cassie has recently been doing some promo for her new album and previewed a clip of her new single, “Money On Love”, during her visit at a radio station.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Jason Mraz Premieres "I Won't Give Up" Music Video

Jason Mraz finally premiered the video for his amazing tear-jerker “I Won’t Give Up”! The track serves as the lead single from his fourth studio album, 'Love Is A Four Letter Word', which will be released April 17.

The video was directed by Mark Pellington and will receive a review shortly. Fans will be treated to a live acoustic EP entitled, Live Is A Four Letter Word, set for a February 28. You can also check out the cover below the jump. 

Taylor Swift Looks For A "Safe & Sound" Place In New Video

Taylor Swift just annihilated your faves, period. Gone are the days of singing about being a prepubescent girl practicing what she learnt in life orientation class and now a mature woman is welcomed into this world.

The Second Coming of Shania Twain steps into country-folk territory with her new single “Safe & Sound”, trading her happy-go-round pop jams for a more eerie and dark sound, revolving around an apocalyptic theme. The Grammy committee is weeping tears of joy, as well as The Civil War who are finally experiencing more success thanks to their 1 minute opening on the Grammy Awards. Could Civil War have been the inspiration that pushed the usual demure Taylor to grow up and risk her sound?

Missy Elliott Jumps Onto Busta Rhymes' "Why Stop Now (Remix)"

Since we all heard of news breaking that Missy Elliott would return to revolutionize the now defunct genre formerly known as hip-hop (now called hip-pop), we were all expecting Missy to make her grand return to music, starting with her random collaborations.

Missy jumps onto Busta Rhymes’ new single “Why Stop Now” featuring Chris Brown. It's amazing that I can make a prediction without even listening to this song - Missy ended the careers of these two artists!

Listen below and get your mind blown – in typical Missy style! 

Thanks Pinboard Blog and Idolator

Usher Hits The Right Spots On "Climax"

After enduring a year of electro-pop songs from the indisputable R&B prince Usher, we were starting to ponder whether we’d receive any R&b classics in the lane of “There Goes My Baby” or “Burn”. After teaming up with Diplo to tackle the world of “Rev Pop” Usher has finally released a great song!

“Climax” is the chilly sensual song that any urban artist struggles to create. It fuses the bassline and icy synths that pop radio would appreciate with gentle dabbing mellow melodies. He even adds hints dubstep to garner  some credibility for pushing the almost-generic genre. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Is Usher Returning With A New Diplo-Produced Single Tomorrow?

Is the King of R&B/Pop Usher returning tomorrow with a new single? According to Diplo, he is!

“Climax” will apparently come (excuse the pun) off his seventh studio album later this year.

The “Look At Me Now” producer tweeted the following, leaving plenty of Usher alliances in a frenzy, “OMG. I forgot. U guys are about to hear "climax" from @UsherRaymondIV and I tomorrow. I hope you like it. It’s some next level electrosoul”.

Cassie Returns With "King Of Hearts" Premiere

Bad Boy princess Cassie finally stepped out of Diddy’s shadow with her new video “King Of Hearts”. It’s been more than 6 years since we’ve heard the icy vocals of the indie princess on a brand new single, having to rely on hackers to bless us with unauthorized leaks, such as “Skyscraper”, “Thirsty”, and “Summer Charm”.

The video was almost the same as the previous preview we received over a month ago, with Cassie’s stalker on the lookout for the bad girl. We find Cassie pouting, strutting, arousing herself, and moving her lady hips, almost as if she’s having a fun day at one of her usual photoshoots.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Whitney Houston: The Greatest Loss Of All

I've always considered Mariah Carey as the best female vocalist of all time. However, it should be noted that it was Whitney Houston who was first introduced to the public and paved the way for the army of female vocalists that we have become accustomed to.

Instead of delivery the tragic news about the death of the legendary icon, I’m dedicating today’s post to her to show my respect and deepest condolences to every person affected by her untimely death.

She was a veteran at what she did. A woman with sex appeal yet never had the overtly sexual nature that most pop stars have or had. Her voice spanned generations and was unrivaled, until Mariah Carey debuted during the early 90's. She was the epitome of what a singer should be.

What made me respect Whitney was the fact that, just like Michael Jackson, she was consumed with love. She would always thank God for what he blessed her with and always spoke about the love that Jesus tucks us in.

Although Whitney dealt with her share of media backlash, such as her drug abuse and tumultuous marriage with Bobby Brown, which ravaged her career, she will always be remembered for her golden voice and heartfelt music. Nobody will be able to match the emotions I felt when I was in love, repeatedly playing “I Want To Run To You” until the CD was at risk of breaking. Nobody will be able to freeze me and send icy chills down my spine with her impeccable vocal performance on “I Will Always Love You”, with a tear-jerking lyric, “I hope life treats you kind, And I hope you have all you've dreamed of, And I wish you joy, and happiness, But above all this, I wish you love” before catapulting her vocals to mountain-peaking heights. Karaoke nights and wedding receptions will not be the same, knowing that the world has lost one of the greatest voices of all time. 

Besides her music, Whitney was also know for her outrageously witty, yet down-to-earth personality. Who could forget about her iconic Wendy Williams interview that resulted in the loss of Wendy's wig, after Houston snatched the raccoon off the woman's head and left her bald?  

She will forever be remembered as “The Voice”. Whitney, we love and thank you for your wonderful contributions to the entertainment industry. You depicted love stories that each one of us lived through and used your voice as an instrument that was able to vividly play out each event, churning out every ounce of your emotions. May you rest in peace and may you and Michael Jackson show God what he instilled in you – the gift to use your musical talents to spread the power of love.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

So Katy Perry Is Going Ahead With The 'Teenage Dream' Re-Release...

Just when we thought that she had enough of remixing her singles to smash records, Katy Perry announces the re-release of “Teenage Dream”. If you think that Katy will have a chance of beating Michael Jackson’s record of five #1 singles from an album then be prepare to be disappointed.

“Teenage Sream: The Complete Confection” will feature three new songs, the remixes, and the original album and will be released March 27. Too bad the album will not continue her domination of a streak of #1 singles, as reported by Billboard.

All of this in one package. Yay! *rolls eyes* 

"Confection" will include the Kanye West-assisted version of Perry's single "E.T.", the remix of "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" featuring Missy Elliott, a Jon Brion-produced acoustic version of "The One That Got Away" (I’m still trying to get over that B.O.B.-assisted remix) and a 7-minute Tommie Sunshine mega-mix of the album's six singles. The three new songs have not been announced yet, although tracks, "Dressing Up" and "Part of Me",leaked online but was hastily removed.

"This is the complete story of 'Teenage Dream,'" says Perry in a press release. "It was an incredible honor to tie the King of Pop's Billboard Hot 100 record, but I'm moving forward and had a few things left to get off my chest.  So this is the complete special edition of my album for my fans."

Katy, I just want your “21”. Christina Aguilera is currently busy with hers so I suggest you forget about this era and impress even more next time.

[Source: Billboard]

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Girls' Generation Slay America With "The Boys" Performance On Live! With Kelly And David Letterman

Girl’s Generation, also famously known as SNSD, were instructed by SM Entertainment to go on a US promo blitz to entertain Americans on The Late Show with David Letterman and Live! with Kelly to promote their song “The Boys”, since the rest of the world forgot about how a real performance looks like. The world is always a better place thanks to K-pop and news that surfaced about the girls’ debut performance in America created an online frenzy, leaving K-poppers in total shock and causing them to crash multiple sites.

Okay that never happened, but it should have since Girls’ Generation changed pop culture with their performances!

The first performance took place on The Late Show with David Letterman. Although the stage was too small for the “Divine Nine” to fully utilise their dancing talents, but that never stopped them from slaying. Not even keyboards could stop them! They even took things up a notch by adding an electro-pop breakdown that was not present on the original recording.

Could your faves look so sexy while *cough* performing *cough*? 

There second performance took place on Live! with Kelly. Although not as hard-hitting as the Letterman performance, they still did better than any Western artist could.The electro-pop breakdown that was heard on the Letterman performance was sadly cut out. They even had a short interview succeeding their performance and demonstrated the “rip-up” dance, which Kelly absolutely nailed!

Hopefully you have a jug of water to cool you off from the heat you’ll experience from these performances. You were warned. 

[Credit: Prophet Blog 1 and 2]

Lana Del Rey Gets Impersonated By Kristen Wiig

Screen Shot 2012 02 05 at 2.08.48 AM Kristen Wiig Spoofs Lana Del Rey On Saturday Night Live
America’s latest rising super star Kristen Wiig decided to improve our cyber lives by impersonating indie’s biggest enemy Lana Del Rey during the Weekend Update segment on “Saturday Night Live”.

Sporting a blonde wig similar to Lana’s hair and a lacy white top, the “Bridesmaids” star cleverly defended the tooty-lipped star, responding to the harsh criticism that Lana endured over her “Saturday Night Live” performance.

Bon Iver Perform "Holocene" And "Beth/Rest" On Saturday Night Live

Watch: Bon Iver Performs, Lana Del Rey Gets Impersonated on
Bon Iver graced the musical stage on "Saturday Night Live" last night to perform their Grammy-nominated song “Holocene” as well as “Beth/Rest”, both songs appearing on their self-titled album.

I really loved their album and hope that they receive a Grammy for their art. We all know the beef surrounding Bon Iver and The Grammy Commitee, which could be the reason that they were not scheduled to perform.

Watch the foursome perform and be amazed by the tranquil sounds of their music. 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Miguel Shows Off His Artistic Side On "Adorn"

It seems like Miguel is ready to unleash more of his urban freshness to the R&B game, starting with the release of “Adorn”. We’ll be treated to more sexual goodness on the ‘Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 1’ mixtape due February 27, 2012.

The video for “Adorn” premiered and uses its simplicity to make an artistic statement (don’t ask me...) and takes creativity up a notch by frothing away the album’s artwork. Be on the lookout for his upcoming Diplo-contributed album ‘State of the Art’. 

Madonna Goes Back To Her Cheerleading Days In "Give Me All Your Luvin'"

madonna video 2

[Credit: Idolator]

Adam Lambert Premieres "Better Than I Know Myself" Video

Friday, 3 February 2012

Neon Hitch Looks So Sexy On Her "Love U Betta" Cover
Neon Hitch should thank Gym Class Heroes for featuring her on their current smash “Ass Back Home”, a track that is mostly important due to Hitch’s contribution (I am joking!). Now the singer is gearing up to release “F**k U Betta” or the clean version “Love U Betta”.

I’m still mad that “Bad Dog” did not achieve the success that was destined for it. All it needed was radio adds and a promotional campaign to get people talking about Hitch. I still feel that “Love U Betta” is a reharsh of her previous singles, although it is catchy. Hopefully, this will become one of her biggest hits.

M.I.A. Returns With "Bad Girls" Music Video

Fresh off collaborating with Madonna, M.I.A. is using the publicity and the upcoming Super Bowl performance to expose herself and gather enough hype to release another album. The Lady Gaga fan premiered the video for her urban-pop, Danja-produced single “Bad Girls”.

It’s clear that an M.I.A. still wants the boys to come over and play. Filmed in Morocco with director Romain Gavras, “Bad Girl” features cars participating in hagwalah, an extreme style of drifting that can be found within the depths of Saudi Arabia. M.I.A. gratifies every man’s in this video and it doesn't help that she's so hot!

I have warmed up to M.I.A. over the years so I will be anticipating her new album. 

Madonna Releases 'MDNA' Album Cover And Tracklisting

Madonna is finally ready to return to a scene she could have left long ago. With a lead single as “reductive” as “Give Me All Your Luvin’” (which I’m sadly starting to love), Madonna should be the last one criticizing other artists. While we wait upon the arrival of her ‘MDNA’ album, due March 26, let’s look at the album’s tracklisting.