Sunday, 21 August 2011

Jason Derulo Reveals “Future History” Tracklisting

Hitmaker Jason Derulo is finally ready to release his second studio album “Future History”. The album release is precedent by his two hit singles “Don’t Wanna Go Home” and “It Girl”. It set to be released on September 26.

I’ve enjoyed both of his singles thus far (although “Don’t Wanna Go Home” lacks originality) and I’ll be anticipating the album. This album’s performance will be interesting because his singles are not as big as the previous albums’. I hope that he’ll at least go platinum worldwide like he did with his debut album.

Look below the jump for the tarcklisting.

1. Don't Wanna Go Home
2. It Girl
3. Breathing
4. Be
5. Make It Up As We Go
Fight for You
7. Pick Up The Pieces
8. Givin' Up
9. Bleed Out
10. My Shhh
11. X
12. Dumb

Source: [Blazingswarm]

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