Tuesday, 13 September 2011

New Single - Mario 'The Walls'

As humans, we all go through experiences which, in some way, mould us into the people that we are today. Going through experiences in life and using that experience to develop a maturity that cannot be inherited is what separates the boys from the men. My point: Mario is one of the only R&B artists that continue to grow. Although he experienced his mother abusing drugs he has continued to stay true to his sound and never oversteps the boundaries of sexual. 

The most-underrated R&B artist of our generation finally released his first single, ‘The Walls’, off of his upcoming untitled fifth studio album. Although the lyrics and minimal beat is above average, Mario’s delivery makes the song worth listening to. It’s basically the starter, preparing us for the main course. The only criticism I can give him is that he stays away from singing overly-sexual songs like his lesser peers Chris Brown and Trey Songz.

Admit it: All of Mario’s albums are amazing!

With a career spanning almost 9 years you would expect Mario to be on Usher-level success. But you know that talent gets overlooked a lot nowadays. It still bothers me that R&B stans will complain about a lack of talent in the industry, yet we have Mario who has been delivering great songs and he still gets shunned by the media. However, this has the makings of an urban hit. Lets hope that it translate into a mainstream hit.


Listen to the Prince of R&B’s new single below.

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