Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ed Sheeran Gets Impersonated On 'Lego House'

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I was actually shocked when I first saw this video play on VH1 yesterday morning. I immediately assumed that Rupert Grint was one of those actors-turned-singers - and they normally end up shamelessly embarrassing themselves. Then 'Lego House' started playing and I found myself instantly hooked on the folksy song.

Rupert Grint basically plays a morbid soul, tragically depressed because of a relationship gone sour. He takes the part of posing as Ed Sheeran, only to get viciously chucked out of the building before his successfully attempts to take over the tour.

Ed Sheeran currently has the number one album in the UK, and following the release of this video, the single should propel to a higher chart peak (it peaked at #5). I’m not too keen on the song’s lyrics, which are devoid of lucrative imagination.

I don’t like jumping onto the artist bandwagon but I’ll be sure to look out for this guy’s future releases. 

Source: Capital FM

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