Friday, 3 February 2012

M.I.A. Returns With "Bad Girls" Music Video

Fresh off collaborating with Madonna, M.I.A. is using the publicity and the upcoming Super Bowl performance to expose herself and gather enough hype to release another album. The Lady Gaga fan premiered the video for her urban-pop, Danja-produced single “Bad Girls”.

It’s clear that an M.I.A. still wants the boys to come over and play. Filmed in Morocco with director Romain Gavras, “Bad Girl” features cars participating in hagwalah, an extreme style of drifting that can be found within the depths of Saudi Arabia. M.I.A. gratifies every man’s in this video and it doesn't help that she's so hot!

I have warmed up to M.I.A. over the years so I will be anticipating her new album. 

[Credit: The Prophet Blog and Rap-Up]

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