Thursday, 16 February 2012

Usher Hits The Right Spots On "Climax"

After enduring a year of electro-pop songs from the indisputable R&B prince Usher, we were starting to ponder whether we’d receive any R&b classics in the lane of “There Goes My Baby” or “Burn”. After teaming up with Diplo to tackle the world of “Rev Pop” Usher has finally released a great song!

“Climax” is the chilly sensual song that any urban artist struggles to create. It fuses the bassline and icy synths that pop radio would appreciate with gentle dabbing mellow melodies. He even adds hints dubstep to garner  some credibility for pushing the almost-generic genre. 

Usher lets his falsetto do all the work on this tattling tale of a failed relationship that has eventually "reached the climax". He refuses to give up, eventually questioning why he's even fighting for something that has met its end.

"Climax" is undoubtedly still a electro song, but the soul styling included in the song gives it an edge that most radio songs lack. Thank God Usher finally decided to put time into his craft and not revert to singing David Guetta leftovers. 

Its the song that Trey Songz would rim for and Chris Brown would aggressively circle-jerk for! Sorry Chris, but after hearing this, I'm sure you'll regress back to your state of anger, log into Twitter to throw a hissy fit because Diplo couldn't provide you with a song like this!


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