Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Britney Spears returns with "Till The World Ends" video, predicts Judgement Day

Someone over at Britney’s camp must have been reading the blogsites flooded with complaints from stans over the disappointing “Hold It Against Me” video, because the same Britney Spears that graced our eyes in that video has gone…for a moment that is.

Unless it was some doppelganger, glimpses of the same flirtatious Britney that divulged our screens a few years ago seems to have returned for a brief moment in the new Ray Kay-directed “Till The World Ends” video.

The video premiered a few hours ago on Vevo. The video centers around an apocalypse happening on Earth. Meteors are about to shower the globe and people, clearly struck by this situation, decide to throw an underground party, since they know it might be their last party that they throw. From there on, things can only get better. Bodies exchange heat, people are hosed and Britney is made the new reigning queen of the people left alive, since there is no one else alive or worthy enough to obtain that position.

Backed up by a high budget cinematography, vibrant and glossy lighting, and exquisite special effects, the video took some time to pay an ode to the iconic “I’m a Slave 4 U” video. It’s not Britney’s dancing that makes the video amazing, but the effort that Ray Kay has put into creating this visual. The way he shot and edited the video is absolutely amazing and he made sure to stick to a plot that painted the songs meaning perfectly and brought it to life, something that has been missing in videos these days. The visuals are so highly-budgeted that the apocalypse happening could be mistaken for a real one.

Clearly the world shall end, like she predicts at the beginning of the video, if all of her follow-up videos are this great. Never in a long time have I seen Britney as vibrant as she was in the video. After all of these years, Britney has finally, for this brief moment, gotten our tongues tied in knots…and it’s all for a good reason.


  1. LOL @ "Wig Snatching" used as a label haha <3

  2. LOL I know! But the video was fantastic! And I didn't mean to say doppelganger cause now I'm hearing that they used a double body and I saw the video lol