Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Can Will Smith and Jaden Smith save M.Night Shyalaman’s film and his career?

You know the saying “Like father like son”. Jaden is like a carbon copy of his father. They both act, rap and can dance. Now the two are set to star in another as-yet-untitled movie, directed by Hit-and-Miss director M.Night Shyalaman for Columbia Pictures. The science-fiction adventure film centers around a boy struggling to save himself and his estranged father after their ship crashes on an abandoned Earth a thousand years into the future.

M. Night Shyalaman will not only be directing the film but will also co-write the movie starring the Smith trio, who last starred together in the 2006 tear-jerking drama, “The Pursuit of Happiness”. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith will also be producing the movie, like they did with “The Karate Kid”. Shyalaman is also known for directing the fantastic “The Sixth Sense” and the flop “The Last Airbender”.

Could Will and Jaden Smith be the two stars to save Shyalaman’s career? These two stars have been known to rank in millions at the box office. Will Smith has the distinction of being the only actor in history to have eight consecutive movies to hit number one and gross over $100 million, while Jaden’s “The Karate Kid” grossed over $350 million. Let’s hope for the best because Shyalaman has the potential to be even greater than what he has been producing lately. 

Source: Billboard and JustJared

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