Sunday, 3 April 2011

Lady Gaga releases new HBO special trailer

Lady Gaga will be premiering her concert special ‘The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden on HBO on May 7th.  This will serve as a very clever strategy to promote her second studio album, “Born This Way”, set for a May 23 release. Check it out below:

Pee-stained hair, condom-shaped costumes, blood baths and a whole lot of fun mixed in one show, this special will surely leave “Little Monsters” shaking and crying in their seats. I would advise you not to eat or drink anything while watching it, since you never know what kind of gimmicks Stefani has hidden in her saiyan pod.


  1. "Pee-stained hair" & "saiyan pod" *DEAD*

    I can't with you!

  2. LOL Hahaha I had to add that! I really thought that it was a saiyan pod!