Monday, 4 April 2011

Rihanna and Jennifer Nettles rock the ACM Awards

No matter how much you love her or how much you hate her, you cannot deny that Rihanna is like a chameleon. Her voice is suited to cover almost any genre, and this is what sets her apart from other artists. She has covered almost every genre but last night she finally attempted to conquer country…and boy was she good!

Last night, the Academy of Country Music Awards took place, with Rihanna and Jennifer Nettles performing “California King Bed” off Rihanna’s fifth studio album “Loud”.

This was just another reason to love Rihanna. The guitar-laden acoustic ballad was transformed into more of a country-rock ballad while still incorporating the mellow mood of the song. Although Jennifer’s voice is stronger and more suited for country, Rihanna managed to hold her ground! Not only did Rihanna deliver one of her best vocal performances, but you could see the emotion on her face and hear it in her voice. Well done ladies.

The only problem I had with the performance is that it sounded as if the instruments during the chorus drowned their vocals a bit. Either way, I cannot wait for Rihanna to obtain a country or another pop hit. Def Jam better release this song as a remix.


  1. This bitch killed it!!!! <3

    She did so well and I cannot believe Jennifer what's her face almost tried to outshine Rih! #TryAgain

    Her voice is amazing and the haters will deal.

  2. I know! LOL I thought Jennifer sounded perfect, but Rihanna has been proving her haters wrong!