Saturday, 16 July 2011

Adele planned on snatching wigs years ago...

Even before she became huge and started leaving our faves to rot and wither away, Adele had already possessed the capability to snatch a freshly-skinned raccoon off of any living human being.

The footage below, which was left to rot in the archieves of Billboard magazine since June 2008, shows Adele pouring her heart and soul out on her single "Chasing Pavements" to Billboard's New York office

During the video session, she also discussed how she began, starting with Myspace bac in 2004, and how she never even knew about her UK label, XL, before she signed to the label.

"I just used to sing just because I liked it -- I still sing 'cause I like it -- but I never thought it would get me anywhere," she said. "So when XL offered me a record deal, I thought, 'Oh, OK, maybe I can get away with it.'"

Watch Adele show us how it's done below.

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