Monday, 26 December 2011

Adam Lambert Returns With "Better Than I know Myself"

It what feels like almost forever since we last heard new music from our second-favourite American Idol Adam Lambert, a brand new single titled “Better Than I Know Myself” has finally premiered.

In today’s day and age of “hot today, gone tomorrow” artists, a sophomore slump is easier to obtain than Nicole Scherzinger getting a hit. Luckily, Adam has teamed up with pop’s most notorious producer and songwriter “Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly.

“Better Than I Know Myself” is everything radio needs right now – a modern electro-pop ballad mixed with raw emotions. The single is the perfect song to showcase a softer side of Adam while still holding onto that mainstream appeal. I’m hoping that contemporary radio can help Adam to drag out more sales for his upcoming album.

I still play Adam’s debut “For Your Entertainment” and it’s speculated that Adam will be working with Pharell.

Is your body ready? I’m already laying in an ice-cold bath before things get heated!   

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