Sunday, 11 December 2011

Cassie Shows Off New Sexy Look In "King Of Hearts" Preview

Cassie Ventura, also known as Bad Boy’s Rihanna (lol), has finally dug herself from the graveyard and is planning on resurrecting her upcoming music career. The sexy model has released the new trailer for “King Of Hearts” and boy was it worth the wait!

Sporting a modern-Xena look, the princess of Bad Boy seduces us with a new pair of puppies as she prepares to pay back a lover who has left her scorned. The production of this video seems like it was built on a budget bigger than Cassie’s new twins and has all the makings of a  fantastic video.

Diddy better provide all of his flop acts with such a budget as well, unless they refuse to strike his “ego”.

The Queen has also been busy for 3 years on her album “Electro Love”, which will include production credits from Pharell Williams, Jean Batiste, and man of the moment, Rico Love.

Watch and bow before the queen of hearts!

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