Sunday, 11 December 2011

Paramore Displays New Country Sound And Slays On "In The Mourning"

While Paramore fans continue to mourn the departure of The Farro Brothers, Hayley Williams is clearly trying to forget about the incident and uses it to write meaningful records.

Well, in the latest leak, “In The Mourning”, Hayley clearly shows that she wants to put things to rest; however, that is not the only thing that Hayley displays. It seems as if Paramore are taking risks with their sound, opting to infuse country elements into the song. And the results are mind-blowing!

Although the acapella demo leaked in January already, we had to wait until now to hear the song in its final form. Written by Hayley for fun, the song ended up as the last song of their SinglesClub offering.

Rob Cavallo has really helped Paramore explore a different routine and I can see that they are trying to connect with a wider audience on this song. Hayley even displays a husky vocal performance reminiscent of a younger Stevie Nicks, raw, yet filled with a dash of tendered sorrow.  

Listen to the wig-snatching song below and lets hope that this broadens Paramore’s appeal.

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