Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Kelly Clarkson Slays "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

Never in my whole entire life have I experienced so many Christmas rush-releases from artists. It’s as if every label executive held a gun to these artists’ heads, threatening to terminate any future obligations.

Luckily, Kelly Clarkson is one of those exceptional artists who will release a great EP and has decided to tease us with her version of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. Yes, Kelly effortlessly murders the song, however, not in the same way that Justin Bieber effortlessly effortlessly “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. I’m sure Mariah knew that his selling power is stronger than hers now, thus concocting this plan to embarrass him.

Kelly must have realised the unnecessary amount of Christmas album releases and has cleverly decided to release an iTunes Sessions EP December 27, 2011. Self-less? I would say so!

Bless your ears with the song below.

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