Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Lana Del Rey Delivers The Goods On "Born To Die", Features In V Magazine

Lana Del Ray V Magazine
Internet sensation Lana Del Rey, real name Elizabeth Grant, has had an exceptional year. After releasing an EP, entitled “Kill Kill”, in 2009 under the name Lizzy Grant, Rey uploaded a song of hers “Video Games” on Youtube in August 2011 to critical and commercial success, reaching number one on charts in 9 countries and receiving over 10 million views.

The sexy singer has now landed in V Magazine’s first-ever Music Issue, further illustrating her ever-growing success. The Lake Placid native is now receiving the recognition that she deserves.
"You talk about all these things that happened to me in this short space of time, but the one thing that has really changed is that I now have an audience," she tells V. "I turn up in Glasgow or Manchester or Amsterdam and there are good people waving at me from the crowd. That’s amazing.”
Del Rey displays signs of gratitude and realises the extent that her fans will go to appreciate her contribution to the dry landscape of pop music, saying:
"Someone showed me their ticket stub and asked me to sign it. You know how much it cost to see a show? These people really want to see me."
However, the singer has yet to disappoint me with her music. On Thursday, December 1, Del Rey’s second single, “Born To Die”, was uploaded on Youtube. If you think that “Born To Die” is a steady departure from her previous singles, then prepared to be shocked, in a good way thou. The song continues the 60’s vintage sound that we’ve come to hear from Rey. The dash of hip-hop is still there with the thumping 808-drums, only enhancing the rich production of the song.

Whereas she sounded like a naïve girl blinded by love on “Video Games”, this time there’s a dash of shyness and vulnerability lurking in her voice. It’s another hit in the making and is only increasing the anticipation for her impending hit album.

You can check out V Magazine’s website for more of the sexy singer. Her debut album is scheduled for a January 31, 2012 release and the issue hits newsstands January 12.

<i>Photo by Karim Sadli</i>

<i>Photo by Karim Sadli</i>

Source: MTV News

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