Sunday, 29 January 2012

Frank Ocean Teases Fans With "Voodoo" Snippet

R&B genius Frank Ocean seems to be using a clever marketing strategy by releasing snippets to keep fans’ appetites wet. The latest snippet uploaded onto his Tumblr account goes by the name of “Voodoo”.

I have never camouflaged the fact that I love Frank Ocean. He possesses an intriguing ability to utilize his lyrical talents to form imaginative stories, while employing encrypted meanings and canorous melodies.

Nevertheless, Frank Ocean trades in his “alternative” sounds developed on his mixtape for a more soulful track that could gain him more R&B fans. This only enhances the fact that Prince has undoubtedly influenced this new breed of artists. Although a snippet, the full song would dearly be appreciated by any love birds that catches onto this song.

Listen to “Voodoo”. 

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