Monday, 20 February 2012

Natalia Kills Premieres "Lights Out" (Featuring Fast East Movement)

Is Natalia Kills ready to take her second shot at super stardom with her new buzz single “Lights Out”? By collaborating with radio fodder artists Fast East Movement, do you really expect a response from me?

Produced by Junior Caldera, “Lights Out” will be the first “buzz” single before the release of Natalia Kills’ sophomore album ‘Welcome to Debauchery’, scheduled for a summer release. Basically, if this single flops then we’ll be treated to the real first single! 
I’m still mad that “Wonderland” never received the red-light to be released. That single was a strong contender for Billboard ruler! I never listened to Kills’ debut but she started becoming a Lady Gaga-lookalike and her sound was a bit dated! Hopefully, we’ll be treated to something fresh from Natalie because she deserves to be bigger. Otherwise, she can always try out for Walmart or remain an indie artist, which seems to be the “last minute” route to take before retiring, since most indie artists are seemingly obtaining a substantial amount of credit and success, more than most mainstream artists could dream of.  

Listen to “Lights Out” below. 

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