Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cassie Readies Second Single "Money On Love"

The beauty that is Cassie is coming for wigs!  She’s already slayed us with the release of her critically-acclaimed single “King Of Hearts” and now she’s ready to leave a bigger impact with her second single!

Cassie has recently been doing some promo for her new album and previewed a clip of her new single, “Money On Love”, during her visit at a radio station.
Remember the demo “Don’t Lose It” that leaked earlier last year? Well, it’s been revamped a bit, maintaining the hip-hop claps with the Britney-esque guitar solo during the chorus.

I’m ecstatic that this is being released, not only because it can appeal to pop and urban radio, but because it sounds unlike anything on radio. If Cassie’s team continues to give her the promotional push that this album needs, then I can’t see this not being an underground smash!

Listen to the single below. Thanks Prophet Blog and Electro Lov3

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