Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cheryle Cole Releases 'A Million Lights' Album Cover And Tracklisting

Not even seeing the light a million times will raise my anticipation for this album. "Call My Name" might have more hits on my Nokia X-2 than what Nicole Scherzinger has to her name, but this album already looks as if it's about to be ripped to pieces by critics.

Cheryle Cole's album cover for 'A Million Lights' will have Illuminati theorists popping bottles with her finger-highlighting-the-one-eye cover. Is this the level Cheryl has to stoop down to get people to buy her album?

1. Under The Sun
2. Call My Name
3. Craziest Things
4. Girl In The Mirror
5. A Million Lights
6. Screw You
7. Love Killer
8. Ghetto Baby
9. Sexy Den A Mutha
10. Mechanics of the Heart
11. All Is Fair

12. Boys Lie
13. One Thousand
14. Telescope
15. Last One Standing


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