Friday, 25 May 2012

Jay Z And Kanye West Working On 'Watch The Throne 2'?

Many Jay and Yeezy fans have been craving for new music. The last collaborative album 'Watch The Throne' reached platinum status and even gave birth to the fad "that shit cray". Now fans are about to receive the treat of the week with new information regarding 'Watch The Throne 2'.

Mike Dean recently sat down with Quiet Lunch Magazine and discussed the many projects that he's currently working on, and if you're a Kanye and Jay fan you'll know that he was one of the producers on the album.

Mike spoke about, or at least hinted, that we might receive a successor to the amazing 'Watch The Throne'. At the 5:29 mark, he speaks about G.O.O.D. music album and WTT2.
"Watch The Throne 2, it's not started yet, but it's coming."

If this is true then I'm ready! I hope they at least give Jeff Bhasker some shine as well and deliver more meaningful songs. Their creativity reaches the level of "genius".

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