Monday, 25 April 2011

Ke$ha talks to z100 about songwriting and praises Britney Spears

Ke$ha is undoubtedly one of the most successful new artists right now. She has had all of her singles reach the Billboard Hot 100 top ten and has a co-written credit on Britney Spears’ new fantastic single “Till The World Ends”. Not to mention, she features on the “Till The World Ends Remix”, which will give her another top ten hit.

The Holy Dolla $ign sat down with z100 to talk to JJ about her songwriting and how honoured, flattered and blown away she is that her song that she wrote for Britney was released as a single. She also goes on to call Britney “One of Pop’s biggest Icon”, declares her love for the song and video and talks about putting her brain in other people’s brain. 

You see people, Ke$ha ain’t going nowhere, so best believe that you haters stay mad. For those who call her the drunk and talentless chick that needs auto tune, look at your faves and see whether they play an instrument, rap circles around your faves and other “rappers” and receive praise from and a collaboration with Andre 3000, wrote hundreds of songs (and multiple hits) without stealing credits and can do cart wheels. Now check the credits and sit yo broke ass down, hoe!

You can watch the rest of the interview over at .

Right about now, I'm blowin' ya faves off of the charts, along with their raggedy wigs

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