Monday, 18 April 2011

‘Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ for 3DS set to be released June 19

If you are an expert at gaming then you should know that ‘The Legend of Zelda’ games sell like hot cakes. The critically-acclaimed series will give birth to yet another offspring with the re-release of ‘Ocarina of Time’ on June 17 in the UK and June 19 in the US.

Fans can not only expect to play this game in 3-D, but will be spoilt with enhanced graphics, motion control support and new challenges. The game will also feature the Master Quest, a second adventure which was part of an ‘Ocarina of Time’ compilation released on the Gamecube, with “revamped puzzles and redesigned dungeons,” says Nintendo in a statement.

Originally released on November 23, 1998 for the Nintendo 64, ‘Ocarina of Time’ is recognized as the best ‘Legend of Zelda’ game ever and also garnered praise as one of the best video games ever. I have played one of the games and found it to be fantastic. Once I buy a 3DS I’ll be sure to pick up a copy for myself.

Check out some of the previews for the game.

Nintendo 3DS - Cosmo Black

Nintendo 3DS - Aqua Blue

Are you going to buy “Ocarina of Time” once it gets released?

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