Tuesday, 3 May 2011

First look at Rihanna’s “California King Bed”

Remember yesterday when I made the post about Rihanna’s music video and my idea for it? Well, it seems as if one of her team members decided to search the internet, raid my blog, and decided to use my idea. I couldn’t have been more happy that that they’re using a reddish tint in the video. The picture shots Rihanna laying over a male model's body. 

The video was shot in Los Angeles during March and will serve as the sisth single from her four million-selling fifth studio album, “Loud”. The song will go for Top40/Mainstream adds on May 31st, so you better request the song so that Rihanna and hit #1 on the chart. This song seems to be the modern day “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. 

Picture Source: [Toya's World]

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