Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tinie Tempah breaks US record. Collaborates with Wiz Khalifa and Adele

One of my favourite new UK rappers Tinie Tempah has broken a U.S. record. It was confirmed that his latest single, “Written In The Stars”, has been certified platinum and has hit the top 15 of the Billboard Hot 100 with a peak of #12.

This makes Tinie the first British rapper to have a platinum single in the U.S., selling over a million copies. The single also peaked at #1 in the UK last year September, with his album reaching #1 and attaining double platinum status. His U.S. debut has been revised and will feature Wiz Khalifa, Bei Maejor and Ester Dean.

Speaking of which, his second U.S. single is about to be released. “Till I’m Gone” will feature the new radio rapper Wiz Khalifa. Speaking of the collaboration, Tinie told the Daily Star: "I feel like we're in the same kind of situation but in reverse. He's really huge in the US and I have a lot of presence in the Europe and UK, so if there was ever a time to collaborate now would be the time."

To comment on the song, it is another Stargate-produced track. However, this sounds refreshing and will undoubtedly be getting good spins on the radio. It’s really catchy but not really that ground-breaking.

Meanwhile, Tinie has also decided to jump onto the Adele bandwagon as he has stated that he has been in the recording studio with her. Tinie Tempah reportedly met up with Adele in Los Angeles and told the Daily Star: "We're working on something together. It's going to be something amazing. You'll all hear about it very soon."

I’m not sure about how I feel about this collaboration. They are both big in the UK but they differentiate from different musical genres. I’m hoping that he takes something inline with her sound, as she is slaying worldwide right now. This would surely give Tinie exposure and allow the world to see his greatness.

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