Thursday, 21 July 2011

After School Premiere "Wonder Boy" Video

After School Blue Releases MV for "Wonder Boy"
Korean girl band After School Blue unveiled the video for their single “Wonder Boy”.

The girls are all in rooms infiltrated with balloons. They are found singing over their phones in a room full of balloons, as well as dancing in a room full of boys… and balloons. It might sound like a boring video, but their faces are stamped with so much charisma and sass, it’s hard not to like it. Plus, these girls are really hot!

In case the song sounds like Orange Caramel’s “Aing”, it’s because the song was also produced by Jo Young Soo. That does not stop the song from being amazing. With its ABBA-esque production, the fluffy song is packed with cuteness, sass, and emotion, and easily becomes one of the best singles to be released this year. I still don’t understand what the hell they’re saying, besides the “come to me” hook, but I know I love it!

After School Blue and After School Red will both release their debuts singles on July 21. We’re all waiting patiently to see what After School Red is about to unleash.

P.S. Did anyone get the sexual reference around 3:19 when the girls lifted up their pinkies? I laughed myself sick! Who's got a small one? 

Source: [Soompi]

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