Sunday, 14 August 2011

Britney Spears To Release 3D Concert DVD

Is The Holy Spearit actually recording a 3D concert tour DVD? Well, that’s what Her Majesty magically hinted at in her “tweet”, resulting in many lives being drastically changed.

Britney Spears has reportedly announced that her ‘Femme Fatale’ tour will be released on DVD. Her TV/DVD special was shot last night at her sold-out concert in Toronto and will be available on the video on demand service EPIX.

In other words, this concert DVD will be EPIC!

“Had so much fun last night Montreal. Can’t wait for Toronto where I’m filming my show to be aired on EpixHD and for release on DVD!” she tweeted. 

She still remains more humble than any other human being walking the Earth!

Source: [Toyaz World] [OMFG Music]

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