Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Jason Derulo Finds His "It Girl" On Second Single

It’s no secret that Jason Derulo is a good hit maker and songwriter. He is an excellent dancer and could be better performance-wise. Jason wants to show us his more sensitive side on his new single “It Girl”.

Although it sounds a bit generic, “It Girl” strips Jason from the usual auto-tuned vocals that we’re used to from Jason and shows us his real vocals. Let’s be real – he is not the best singer, but he is a better singer than Chris Brown.

The radio-friendly track starts off with a gentle whistle and a strummed guitar, before he kicks off with the song which clearly has pinches of his Haitian heritage sprinkled over it. It’s a really catchy song.

“It Girl” should do well on the radio and will be released as the second single off of Jason’s sophomore album, “Future History”. 

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