Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Scotty McCreery Tells Us ''The Trouble With Girls'' On New Single

American Idol winner Scotty McCreery is ready to snatch pop radio’s and the haters’ wigs off with his new single ‘The Trouble With Girls'.

Let’s be real: 'I Love You This Big’ reeked of cheesiness! But now he’s back in my good books with this song.

Penned by Nashville-based hitmakers Chris Tompkins (Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”) and Philip White (Rascal Flatts’s ”I’m Movin’ On”),“The Trouble With Girls” serves as a great platform for Scotty to crossover to pop radio. It still contains that charm that carried Scotty to the top of the American Idol throne and is stamped with his deep signature vocals, which are still as buttery-smooth as they were before.  

Starting off with gentle piano keys, the song finds Scotty trying to do what most of us guys do: Figure out girls! "The trouble with girls is they're a mystery / Something about them puzzles me / Spent my whole life trying to figure out / Just what them girls are all about." croons the young country star. 

He then begins to belt out the chorus, showing that he does not need his lower register to impress his massive fan base: "They smile that smile / They bat those eyes / They steal you with hello / They kill you with goodbye / They hook you with one touch / And you can't break free / Yeah the trouble with girls / Is nobody loves trouble as much as me." 

The lyrics really shine and prevent Scotty from recreating every other country ballad that has been done before. Think of it as a song Tim McGraw would sing if he were 17-years old. Oh would he be so proud of Scotty once he hears this song on his portable cassette player…

You can hold onto your filthy wigs and listen to the song below. Beware: it will turn you into a fan! 

Image Source: [MTV] [The Prophet Blog]

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