Friday, 2 September 2011

Ke$ha Selects May 2012 To Release Sophomore Album

Fans waiting to receive a Ke$ha album this year will have to wait longer according to Doctor Luke, who tweeted that her album might see the light of day “not this year…. close to May….”.

This will be her second studio album after serving us with her consistent pop album “Animal" and its follow-up EP “Cannibal”, which in total gave her 6 platinum top ten hits. This new album will either make or break Ke$ha, as this new album should propel her into global superstar status.

We all know that Ke$ha is an amazing songwriter and spent the year touring and poppin’ bottles, thanks to the royalties that she’ll obtain from Britney Spears’ smash ‘Till The World Ends’, which she wrote (co-wrote).  Hopefully we see some growth in this album and watch her critics swallow their words up about her  lack of musical abilities.

Here’s hoping we at least get a hot rap song with an aggressive dub step beat courtesy of Billboard.

Speaking of Billboard, you can listen to Ke$ha’s “Animal” and “Animal (Billboard Remix)” after the jump. They are two of Ke$ha’s best songs so y’all best be buying ‘em on iTunes! 

Image Source:[Examiner]

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