Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Weeknd Releases New Song ‘Initiation’, Ends Careers

Newcomer The Weeknd (can we stop calling him that now that he’s proven that he’s better than ya faves?) has unraveled the cover of his third mixtape, Echoes Of Silence. The mixtape is set to be released October 24 and will be a departure from the sound that we’ve been fascinated by from Abel Tesfaye. Well, that’s according to his latest single...

‘Initiation’ is a newly released track that allows Abel the freedom to practice his rapping-singing skills over a dutty industrial production sugar-coated with sprinkles of hip-hop. Haunted by synthesized chopped and screwed vocals, the track finds a stoned Abel divulging into his hip-hop roots with lyrics about getting a girl high and drunk before testing her. She’ll have to meet his boys and get “eaten” before he’ll surrender to her offer to take his heart.

It’s one of the best songs from The Weeknd and expresses an even darker side to him while incorporating his signature dubstep/industrial sound. It’s a track that would leave Rihanna changing the colour of her hair just to include it onto her new album!

Listen to the track below. 

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