Friday, 6 January 2012

Dawn Richard Shows Her Vulnerability In SMFU Video

Dirty Money’s most important member Dawn Richard shows off her vulnerable side in her new black and white video for “STFU (Saving Myself From You)”. The ex-Danity Kane member discussed the main premise behind the video, 
"I was going through something really, really bad and instead of me trying to keep things private, I like to give my vulnerability, make it strong, and put it out there," said Dawn. "And I feel like there's a lot of people who pretend to be a hero, but they really are the villains in this story." 
The beautiful singer also announced the spring release of her debut album GoldenHeart, the first of a trilogy of albums about “a lover fighting to protect her heart”.

The more I see this girl, the more I miss Danity Kane. They really had the potential to blow up and would have been international superstars. Thanks to Diddy’s horrible mismanagement and ego, the girl band became defunct and we’ve only heard new music from Dawn and Aubrey.

Watch the video for SMFU below.

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