Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Taylor Swift Shows Growth On 'Safe & Sound' From 'The Hunger Games'

It seems like my baby Taylor Swift is growing up too fast!

Teaming up with country-folk duo The Civil War, Taylor steps out of her comfort zone by contributing to ‘The Hunger Games’ soundtrack, an upcoming movie where children have to kill each other to survive.

‘Safe & Sound’ marks a departure in Taylor’s sound, replacing the ideal romanticism saturated in her lyrics with a dark, post-apocalyptic undertone. The song starts off with a fragile Swift promising to keep her beau ‘safe and sound’ from all the wars outside. The track then grows darker as The Civil War and Taylor croon and harmonize, mixing the song with a haunting tone.

‘Safe & Sound’ needs to be played a few times before you’ll start to love it, but once you love it, you certainly won’t get enough.

Long live, Queen Taylor! 

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