Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Odd Future Premiere "Rella"

I never was a huge fan of Odd Future. I’ve always seen them as wannabe rappers boosting their egos with the help of reductive shock factors. However, I won’t deny that I’m wiling to give them a chance since Frank Ocean showed me the light with his “Nostalgia, Ultra” mixtape.

We find them returning with their new compilation, "OF Tape Vol. 2", on March 20 via Odd Future Records. You have to respect their hustle. They’re mostly in their early 20’s, yet they’ve already created their own record label, giving them creative control over almost every aspect of their careers. They display that level of creativity in their latest video for the single “Rella”, available on iTunes, or packaged within a Tyler-directed music video.

Tyler, the Creator as a centaur? Amazing!

Spanning over 18 tracks, the compilation also features Frank Ocean and Mellowhype. Odd Future will be touring this spring and lookout for their Adult Swim television show Loiter Squad, which premieres on March 25. 

OF Tape Vol. 2 Tracklist:

01. Hi
02. Bitches (feat. Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats)
03. NY (Ned Flander) (feat. Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator)
04. Ya Know (feat. The Internet)
05. Forest Green (feat. Mike G)
06. Lean (feat. Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis)
07. Analog 2 (feat. Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean & Syd)
08. 50 (feat. Mellowhype)
09. Snow White (feat. Hodgy Beats & Frank Ocean)
10. Rella (feat. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, & Tyler, The Creator)
11. Real Bitch (feat. Mellowhype & Taco)
12. P (feat. Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator)
13. White (feat. Frank Ocean)
14. Hcapd (feat. Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator)
15. Sam (Is Dead) (feat. Domo Genesis & Tyler, The Creator)
16. Doms (feat. Domo Genesis)
17. We Got Bitches (feat. Tyler, The Creator , Taco & Jasper Dolphin)
18. Oldie (feat. Odd Future)

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