Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Adam Lambert Discusses Queen, "Trespassing", And Song Writing Process In Idolator Interview

adam lambert interview
My favourite male American Idol star Adam Lambert’s debut album, “For Your Entertainment”, was one of the best albums of 2009 – a fury of classical pop tunes dramatized by Broadway sounds and soaring vocals. It’s no wonder that he may surpass the success of “For Your Entertainment” on his upcoming sophomore album “Trespassing” – well, according to Idolator that is.

During the exclusive interview, Glambert explained the creative process while crafting Trespassing, his favourite songs on the album, and confirmed the rumors about him touring with Queen.  He also explained that “Better Than I Know Myself” was chosen as the lead single to connect with his audience emotionally and real vocals. Although Adam participated in the songwriting process on his debut (he co-wrote many of the songs), he says that he was even more involved on “Trespassing”,
“I really wanted to be in control of it artistically, and [the label RCA] respected that,” said Lambert of his new album. “And once we decided we were on the same page, they said okay, you can creatively direct this thing – you can executive produce it.”

Adam also gave a positive review of the emotional ballad “Outlaws Of Love”, inspired by the gay rights movement, which could be one of his favourite songs on the album, 

 “We have a struggle and an uphill climb as a community to deal with our lives and the public and how we relate to everybody else,” said Adam. “Hopefully there is a shred of hope in it, and hopefully when people listen to it, it makes them feel a certain amount of catharsis, and they feels better after listening to it. It’s like a release.” 
Although my anticipation has begun to dwindle, I can't wait to hear what Adam has in store for us! What do you think? 

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