Saturday, 25 February 2012

Single Review: Rita Ora - "Party and Bullsh*t"

In the “glamorous” world called the music industry, every artist is expected to be developed by a record label. A distinctive sound is supposed to be created to help us distinguish between the plenteous artists that pollute radio stations. Once an image and sound is produced, the expectancy from record executives is that an abundance of money will be brought in.

Sometimes it takes more than just talent to make it big (something R&B fans cannot comprehend). Sometimes the public wants someone with a distinctive voice, whether it is weak or lacking in range is not their concern, which is able to keep their attention for a duration of time exceeding those of teeny bop fans. Sometimes we just want a star. No matter how distinctive your voice is, the public will always compare you to other artists. In this case, we introduce you to Rita Ora.
If the artist matches the above criteria, then Jay-Z’s new protégé Rita Ora might have had a few missteps. The comparisons are already flying from each corner – the Rihanna-replacement girl, Jessie J’s mentally-stable (vocally) sister, etc. But would this be happening if she’s actually taken the time to find a suitable sound for herself that would set her apart from the competition?

I won't deny that I do like Rita - she has a beautiful face and voice, and if the Rihanna comparisons are anything to go by, I'd say she's vocally and artistically better. Rita may be new, but if she wants a long-lasting career she is going to have to come a bit harder and fresher with songs from her album. 

“Party and Bullshit” is one of those songs on the radio that you won’t turn off once it comes on but you won’t entirely fall in love with it. Maybe that’s because Katy’s sound has already been all over radio? It’s not surprising since the song was written by the amazing Bonnie McKee, with The Runners taking production credits. The song itself is catchy enough to get overplay and debuting the song on the biggest ration station, New York’s Z-100, is already being an accomplishment. 

“Party and Bullshit” might become a hit for the artist with its summery sound, but a hit does not equal success or longevity. She's already achieving UK success with DJ Fresh's No. 1 single "Hot Right Now" so things are off to a good start for her. Jay-Z can see this and I'm sure he'll continue to market her as an urban-pop artist - something we can all see her doing right. 

Rihanna, you are not going anywhere, unless you continue to resort to the actions we've been seeing lately...

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