Friday, 23 March 2012

Kelly Clarkson Is Finally Ready To Slay The Country Market

Mr. Know it All
Kelly Clarkson has seen the light! Not only has she come to the realization that she is the best thing since Fanta and that she can sing anything! As in anything. Meaning she’ll turn the Teletubbies theme song into a No. 1 smash, bringing in more sales than the ratings Simon Cowell’s X-Factor USA received.

Kelly’s first attempt at a solo country: a remix of her familiar top 10 smash “Mr. Know It All”, giving her an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage? Radio is familiar with this song and a country remix will undoubtedly have country radio taawwkaang. The disadvantage? The original version already experienced its run on the charts. But who’s to say nothing amazing won’t happen? Look at how well her “Because of You” country remix smash with Reba McEntire did.

“Hey everybody, I got to work with Dann Huff and recut ‘Mr. Know It All’ for country radio!” the singer tweeted on Wednesday morning. “I hope y’all like it!! I had a lot of fun recutting the song and getting the opportunity to work with Dann!”

I’m ready to get my homemade banjo out and create my own Youtube cover! The single will be released to iTunes on April 3. 

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