Sunday, 22 April 2012

Lana Del Rey Premieres Homemade Video "Carmen" [Music Video]

You thought Lana Del Rey was done making her homemade videos? Think again, because the indie-pop princess has returned to her usual shoe-string budget music video productions and is finally ready to rule the UK charts again with her melodramatic video for "Carmen".

I wish that this was not released as a single. It's no doubt one of the weakest songs of 'Born To Die'. We need something more upbeat Lana. I still hold a grudge against her for turning "National Anthem" into some anthem that would make them happier than Nicki Minaj's barbz!

Anyway, back to the video. I hope you enjoy the chilling tale of a drug addict teenager. Lana always serves us the best mini dramas. I'll give a proper review once I use my university's internet minutes tomorrow to watch this video finished.

In other news, Lana is apparently set to perform on the 'The Voice UK' April 29! I'm so happy that Lana is experiencing so much success in the UK. Their taste buds are slowly but surely returning!

Source: [Fly Digs]

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