Saturday, 7 April 2012

Video Premiere: Norah Jones - "Happy Pills"

Norah Jones Happy Pills
No, that's not Norah Jones on the phone with Beyonce asking for advice on how to have her revenge with her cheating boyfriend. That my friend is Norah on the phone with your faves, listening to their remorseful cries as they beg her not to end their career. Yes, Norah is back and she's ready to slay again with a hit new single "Happy Pills".

Produced by Danger Mouse, the new single is a new sound for Norah, exploring more of a retro electro-pop sound that should gain Norah a bit of indie cred. Could your fave come back with a new single that sounds different from what's on the radio, and still sell more albums than your faves in its first week?

Source: [I Am Boi Genius]

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