Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chris Brown Sets The Dancefloor Alight On 'Dancing With The Stars'

Chris Brown is one of the most entertaining artists out right now. I criticise his music because I know he can do better, but his performances always leaves me looking for a new wig.

Last night was no different, as Chris performed his hit single "Turn Up The Music" on 'Dancing With The Stars'. The poor contestants must have been so shaken up after watching Chris snatch their wigs off one by one without even breaking a sweat. I could see most of them attempting to hand in their numbers and leave the studio before the end of the show.
Usher better watch out. Chris Brown's electropop songs have been better than his and this performance will probably propel the song back into the higer regions of the Billboard (it currently sits around number 50 something. Don't care to be honest).
Watching this video may cause epilepsy fits due to those flashing lights. 'Fortune' is out July 3, 2012.

Watch Chris Brown embarrass your faves below.

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