Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Justin Bieber Tries His Best To Smash "Boyfriend" On The Voice''

Justin Bieber must be listening to too much Justin Timberlake lately. From the look, to the "dancing", to even the "Boyfriend" single, everything so far scales down to the point that Justin's label is trying to reincarnate Justin Timberlake's image. Well, the results seem to be mixed.

Instead of showing off the swagger the song requires the artist to have, Bieber's performance on 'The Voice' came across as amateur and try-hard. I've seen much better from him. It was like he was trying to be grown and sexy, but ended up looking like he was auditioning for the show instead.

Justin Timberlake is probably replaying this video on youtube, laughing histerically while counting the royalties he received from this song. Then again, it's not like JT is any more original. Rememeber he stole Prince's and MJ's sound for his albums?

Anyway, watch the Biebz audition below.

Source:[The Prophet Blog]

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