Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Music: Ne-Yo Returns with "Lazy Love"

After flopping with his last album, 'Year Of The Gentleman', Ne-Yosha is finally ready to come for his crown as R&B's most prominent singer-songwriter.

Is "Lazy Love" good? Yes it is. Is it lead single material? No. The song lacks the edge that most Ne-Yo songs possess, leaving "Lazy Love" to be exactly what it's purpose it - buzz single material. The single s clearly an illustration of what every struggling artist does when attempting to build their careers up from scratch, which is to release the most generic track even if the melody (or lack of) is appealing.

Ne-Yo can do so much better. Maybe he should lay off for a while in hopes of creating better material. Although now would be a good time to start getting creative since he's experiencing success thanks to his features on Calvin Harris and Pitbull's tracks.

'R.E.D.' is out September 18th.

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