Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lupe Fiasco premieres “Words I Never Said” MV

Fresh from hitting the #1 spot on the Billboard charts, Lupe Fiasco has decided to debut the music video for his new single, “Words I Never Said”. The song is the second single off of his album, ‘Lazers”, and features hook singer Skylar Grey. 

Lupe recently told Rap-Up: “It was more so me being this liberator, undercover agent who was sneaking into this prison to kinda rescue one of my comrades from the clutches of the evil people,” he told Rap-Up TV in an interview. “There’s fight scenes and a whole lotta action. It’s very aggressive, but at the end I get the girl, so that’s all that counts.”

The song tackles Lupe’s thoughts about injustice, war and political conventions all while being incorporated into the video to bring across a powerful message. As we all know, Lupe is and will remain underrated until people finally buy themselves taste with music that has substance. Please watch the video and be prepared to be entertained.

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