Thursday, 19 May 2011

Beyonce premieres the "Run The World (Girls)" music video

Alas, Beyonce has finally premiered the much-anticipated and delayed Francis Lawrence video for her single “Run The World (Girls)”. The single is off of her upcoming studio album, “4”, which sees a release date of June 28.

Strutting her stuff on the apocalyptic video, we see Mrs. Knowles riding on her horse before showing us who’s coming for the throne. The camera then focuses on a close-up of Beyonce’s face, before she and her clan of female dancers declares war. We see her doing ‘intense’ choreography, such as the Irish River Dance and some African-inspired dancing, unraveling inspiration from the ‘Lion King’ by contacting Scar to allow Shenzi and Banzai to make a cameo as she holds them together with straps (she used Ed as her fur coat to cover up her assets: see album cover here), and pursues world domination by battling it out against the male specimen.  

Although it was entertaining to see Bey shake and pop her kangaroo jelly, the video falls short of amazing. The dancing was uninspiring and looked as if she took a few cultural dances, clustered them up together, and performed it. However, in the end, I do feel that she nailed the choreography.

Certain parts of the video also seemed to be out of place, as the camera placed its attention on solo shots of Beyonce, when it should have been focusing more on the choreography scenes, thus breaking the cohesiveness of the video. The female empowerment concept also made this very predictable and has been used more than Lil Kim’s Pay-Pal account to pay for her amazing transformation. The song is still an audible beating to my ears, but I know that Beyonce will have stronger tracks on her album.

Overall, if this is Beyonce’s best then the only female pop stars that will be running the world are Adele, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Gaga and Katy Perry. I didn’t expect the video to mind-blowing, but for what its worth I am pleased. Let’s just hope that the second single blows us away.

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  1. LOL!!! I can't believe you added the Lion King characters! Even Ed haha <3

    I agree with everything. I loved the river dance parts and the choreo was great and the video was fierce and great. I too am pleased with the video. It even made the song less horrible :D