Thursday, 19 May 2011

Beyonce unveils "4" album cover with release date

Fresh off the release of her apocalyptic music video for ‘Run The World (Girls)’, Beyonce Knowles is ready to ravish our eyes with her new album cover for “4” (Look out for the video’s review later on).

Bare-chested and all, you can clearly see that her presence is blocking her name just to show off a new vintage 80’s-Stockolm hooker image that has finished off her ‘duties’. I cannot deny that the cover screams Rihanna “Rated R” era; in actual fact, I love it! It’s my second favourite album cover of hers, not succeeding the cover of “Dangerously In Love”.

The release date has been confirmed for June 28, two days after her 90-minute performance at the prestigious Glastonbury event, which will push those first week sales up. Lets hope that the album has plenty of tunes to offer up and that it won’t disappoint us. I know that she has really strong songs, but has yet to deliver the iconic album.

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