Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lady Gaga premieres “Judas” music video

Yes, I know that I am late with this one, but better late than never.

Lady Gaga has finally premiered her new video for the Biblical-inspired single “Judas”. The video was directed by the Lady herself, alongside her choreographer Laurieann Gibson. Starting off with bikers riding along the highway, the video tells the tale of Lady Gaga, playing Mary Magdalene, having a relationship with a modernized Jesus. However, when he finds out about her relations with Judas, she is stoned to death

I actually loved this video! The cinematography looked like it came straight out of ‘The Village’ setting. It was strange, haunting, engaging, and quite intriguing. It also tried to cause controversy, but without being blasphemous. However, my concern with the video is that they focused more on sub par choreography, which I think Gaga nailed, and less on the actual story, which made the storyline a bit complicated to understand. However, a great video was made.

By the way, am I the only one who loves this song and video? I didn’t fall for the hype, so I guess I’m safe to say that I’m anticipating this album.  

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