Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Rihanna premieres flawless video for 'California King Bed'

Rihanna is ready to continue with her reign on the charts and she’s making sure that nobody dares to stand in Her Majesty’s way!

Moments ago, she finally premiered the music video for her new guitar-driven single ‘California King Bed’, off of her fifth album, “Loud”. The single will be released to radio only on May 31, but should be able to at least chart on the Billboard charts.  

Rihanna has produced yet another visually-engaging video. With each era, Rihanna seems to be getting better, visually and vocally. It’s like she could effortlessly blind us with her beauty. The video is basically a collage of Rihanna beauty shots, with emphasis on the despair lurking in Rihanna’s eyes when the bed, which her partner lays on, shifts away. Her emotions are at full force as she steps down from her throne and when the screen turns into Black and White. It’s almost like a beauty ad, but with a heavenly and sublimed feeling to it.

Watch as Rihanna graces your ears and eyes with her ‘California King Bed’ video.

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