Monday, 2 May 2011

Rihanna to release ‘California King Bed’ in ten days

That Rihanna reign just won’t let up! The Barbados Beauty has officially confirmed that the video for her new single “California King Bed” will premiere in less than ten days. No director has been confirmed as of yet, but as Toya would say, we would expect Melina or Anthony Mandlar to do it. Well, we all know how great their videos for Rihanna are, so we can’t disagree, now can we?

This is part of her duel single release consisting of this song and “Man Down”, which has been confirmed to be directed by Anthony Mandler. A picture of Rihanna was pictured on the video’s set over in Portland, Jamaica. This would be the perfect surrounding for the reggae-tinged song.

I’m hoping that the visual for “California King Bed” consists of radiant tints and lots of silky sheets. Then after the opening guitar strums, the sheets unveil Rihanna’s face, backed up by some sunlit lightening. Throughout the video, close-up shots of her and her lover are placed on the camera and there are shots of them caressing one another. During the video’s course, she imagines her lover laying gently besides her, stroking every aspect of his face, and before the start of the chorus he disappears and she erupts with emotion. Before the bridge, flashbacks of them together flicker and it’s revealed that he passed away. However, we return to the introduction of the video, only to find out that she had been dreaming.

Well, it could have been a good idea. Let’s wait and see what Rihanna will do when the video for “California King Bed” premieres.

Source: [Toyas World]

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